Love Joy Coupling


Love Joy Coupling

We are into bringing a comprehensive range of Flexible Coupling to our customers as per their desire and needs. The Flexible Couplings offered by us has high elasticity and are very flexible as well. Moreover, these Flexible Couplings are easy to install and maintain with very less care and attention. ur expertise lies in designing and manufacturing flexible couplings for exacting power transmission applications.

Lovejoy can meet all of your coupling requirements, from catalog standards to unique designs. In addition to custom-engineered solutions, Lovejoy offers a complete range of couplings in every size and type, including Curved Jaw, Jaw In-Shear, S-Flex (rubber and shear), Gear, Torsional, and Disc style.


  • Curved Jaw Couplings
  • Jaw Type Couplings
  • Jaw In Shear Type Couplings
  • Grid Couplings
  • Universal Joints