Hydraulic Powerpacks


Hydraulic Powerpacks

We offer hydraulic powerpack units for all industrial applications as per customers requirement. Mobile hydraulics applications have recently been increasing so much with hydraulic power packs. Some applications are as follows; dump trailers, electric sanitation trucks, snowplows, telescopic logistics equipment, like the dock leveler, car tailgates, wing trucks, electric pushcarts, and electric pallet lifts.

Other uses include car lifts, scissor lifts, electric operating tables, and special equipment on elevators. Compact hydraulic power units (HPU) work well at high pressure, with its low flow hydraulic system, small size, simple elements, and affordable price. It can be met by permutations of the various size of the motors, tanks, pumps etc. All power pack unit will be used standard make as Vickers, Yuken, Rexroth, Polyhydron etc.


  • Easy to operate
  • Razor sharp performance
  • High speed