Flow Control Valves


Flow Control Valves

Flow-control valves include simple orifices to sophisticated closed-loop electrohydraulic valves that automatically adjust to variations in pressure and temperature. The purpose of flow control in a hydraulic system is to regulate speed. All the devices discussed here control the speed of an actuator by regulating the flow rate. Flow rate also determines rate of energy transfer at any given pressure.

The two are related in that the actuator force multiplied by the distance through which it moves (stroke) equals the work done on the load. The energy transferred must also equal the work done. Flow control valves are a type of flow valve. Proportional flow control valves are a type of flow valve.


  • They generate a set constant flow rate, largely independently of the load.
  • They generate a constant flow rate independent of the load which can be controlled in an electro-proportional and remote way.
  • Actuator speed determines the rate of energy transfer (i.e., horsepower), and speed is thus a function of flow rate.