Pilot Operated Check Valves

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Pilot Operated Check Valves

Seat type valves, Model CI with internal drain.
Threaded or Sub-plate mounting construction.
Available with two pilot piston size options only for Model CI. Pilot operated Check valves model CI allow free flow in the direction from Port A to Port B and offer leakage free closure in opposite direction. Reverse flow can be achieved by applying pilot pressure to their Port X.

Features / specifications

The intensity of pilot pressure required to keep the valve open during reverse flow depends upon the valve model, pressure at Port A and pressure existing at the Port B when the reverse flow starts. Pilot pressure can be calculated using formulae.
In most cases, smooth decompression and opening of the valve for flow from Port B to Port A can be effectively achieved by controlling pressure and flow to the Pilot Port X. However, in certain cases it is necessary to decompress the oil in the cylinder first before admitting the oil in the cylinder for the return stroke for smooth reversal.

  • Model : CI10T1
  • Size : 1/2
  • Media : OIL
  • Pressure : High Pressure
  • End Connection Type : THREADED
  • Brand : POLYHYDRON